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"With long wait times, we made our waiting area kid friendly..."

The waiting environment in your office or clinic is a point of first impression for both parents and children. With average wait times are increasing for most specialists, it is important to design a fun and functional waiting area, which is both clean and comfortable. If we are unable to reduce wait times, then the main goal is to keep kids occupied with creative play areas within the space.

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The playroom serves a vastly different purpose then other rooms in your house. Children spend hours in the space, because it serves as a place they can let their imagination run wild. The design and theme of the playroom must be aesthetically pleasing, but functional enough to capture your kids attention. Selecting the right furniture and storage options is also very important when designing your playroom. Let our team help create a playroom design which is functional now, but can also be refreshed easily as your kids grow.

Here are just a few of the elements the Peek-a-Boo team focuses on when creating a fun, yet functional playroom:

Furniture - It is very important to select storage options which allow for easy access to all toys, while making it seem part of the design and theme...

Activity Areas - Kids can get bored very easily, so having designated activity areas within arms reach is very important. Areas should serve a specific purpose, and allow your kids to be creative in different ways...

Color Palette - Pick a sophisticated and neutral color scheme for your playroom. Wall art and decor will bring your concept together, and allow you to make changes easily...

Parking - Don't be shy away from buying larger pieces for your playroom. Many of the pieces can still be functional as your kids grow into their teens...

Lighting - The theme of your playroom will change many times throughout the years, so instead of using vibrant wall colors, bring the room together through colorful decor and accessories...

Ready To Get Started On Your New Waiting Area? We are very excited to start your renovation journey with you, and as with every project we are sure you have a number of questions for us before we get started. Please let us know a little more about your project, so when our team follows up with you we can hit the ground running. Complete the following information, and we will follow up with you within 24 hours. Peek-a-Boo, our next room is for you...

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